Disruption, perspective, and community are the core of
The Wayward Festival.

We have been overwhelmed by the amazing films our community entered in our
2018 LA competition.

We want to end the age of the gatekeeper.

We believe Hollywood should be open to every talented person.

Therefore, we’re opening our judging process up to our community.

We partnered with CineLove to make our ambitions possible.


Out of the 3000 amazing entries we received for The Wayward Festival, we have narrowed our selections down to the best 20 to 35 submissions for each filmmaking prize.


Now it’s your turn! Log in below to vote, and your ratings will determine the finalists from each category to screen at our Wayward festival events in LA and win the Wayward cash prizes.

Setting a password is optional, but we recommend it if you plan to come back for more voting!

If you already have an account, just log in here to be redirected to The Wayward Festival voting page.